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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

There are two important days in your life. The day you are born and the day you find your purpose. Many people drift through life without finding their purpose. The result is an unfulfilled life a languishing existence with few peak experiences and meaningless highlights.

If you find your purpose in life and you act on it, it will change your life forever. People who are high achievers know their purpose. They know the direction they are going and what they must achieve. In elite sports, the highest achievers are those who know their purpose and they set goals with the intention of changing sports history. In the world of golf, for example, Tiger Woods wanted to be the best in the world, he wanted to break major win records, he wanted to win everything, and he wants to be the be number one. How many times have you set the goal of being the best in the world at what you do? This is the goal of a high achiever. High achievers in both sports and business set goals with the intention to be the best in the world at what they do.

Steph Curry, for example, one of the world's greatest basketball players knew he did not have the physical skills to play the game above the rim. So, he set himself the task to be the greatest player below the rim by developing his creative potential and a three-point shot. He is now, officially, the greatest three-point shooter ever in NBA history.

“Your Purpose must have personal meaning”

Your purpose must have personal meaning and it must be something your passionate about. It requires self-awareness and understanding what is truly going to make you happy and give you feelings of self-worth. It also needs to inspire you to get out of bed every morning and make plans, set goals, and do something every day to help you bring your purpose to fruition.

People who live purposeful lives set goals every day. They take action every day. They train every day with the intention to get better every day. They are constantly in the process of personal development. Working on their mind, body, and personal/interpersonal skills.

Top Tip:

Set yourself the goal to be the best in the world at something. Take action every day to achieve this goal. Not everyone can be Tiger woods or Steph Curry, however, if you aim to be the best and you are prepared to change your life to become the best, miracles will happen.

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