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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

In high-performance business and sport, the leadership style of the manager emerges as a major factor that determines the quality, productivity, and success of a team or organisation. The corporate world is perhaps best known for illuminating the importance of its inspirational leaders. Despite this position, the traits of an inspirational leader have remained unknown.

Recently, however, our co-founder Dr John Pates and his team of researchers from the University of Derby business school in the UK have discovered there are 9 traits that capture the leadership traits and leadership style of an inspirational leader. Factor analysis discovered there were 9 traits associated with inspirational leadership, represented below. This led to the development of a profiling tool called the inspirational leadership scale.

The Inspirational leadership scale (ILS) is the only profiling tool in the world that measures the strength of these traits in general populations of people.

ILS can be used to discover inspirational people throughout the world. We are aware of large-scale investigations from Harvard Business school inspirational people are in need by all industries, organisations, and institutions if they are going to survive and flourish in the post-pandemic world.

Athletes in the Zone is the first company who has developed a team of peak performance psychologists and coaches to help people change their leadership style and optimise their inspirational leadership potential.

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