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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Did you know it has been scientifically shown that the heart has an electromagnetic field that can radiate what you feel to the external environment? Take for example, when you get excited about your work or tasks, people see that and feel that. This positivity and enthusiasm attracts others to also be a part of your journey and vision.

People buy energy; real energy and enthusiasm.

All the rewards and materialistic gifts one day or another are forgotten, but what you give, the LOVE you give to others will remain. It’s because that positive emotional flow you create in someone will be cherished for longer than that promotion. Even in businesses, the more customers like your service, more loyal they become. Enthusiasm and love influences people to get onto your bus, as Jon Gordon mentions in his book "The Energy Bus."

Love helps bring out the best in individuals. All those businesses who are struggling with keeping their turnover rates low, do ensure to treat your employees with love.

You can easily show people your LOVE by

a) Making time for them

b) Really listening to them

c) Recognising them and their efforts

d) Helping them grow in their careers, life and spirits

e) Helping them discover their strengths

But many of us often come across people and environments which de-energises us. De-energising environments and behaviours don’t let people’s strengths shine and may cause their growth to be stunted.

Many of us may even feel stuck in such environments, with these so called "energy vampires."

So how do we turn around such de-energising environments?

Step 1. Awareness

It is very important to first be aware of how we feel and what environments energise or drain us. Can you identify few people and places which de-energise you?

People in positions of leadership play a very important role. “Personally, my approach to energy changed when I was told by my superiors about my de-energising behaviours. It came as a shock to me, but it was the best feedback I received” (Irani, Performance psychology intern). Similarly, making individuals, teams and organizations aware of such de-energising behaviours could go a long way in addressing such energy patterns and bring a shift.

Energy mapping in organizations or teams can be highly effective in recognising de-energising interactions, e.g. between the coach and the athlete. This can help rectify such draining of energy from the team environment.

Sometimes it’s possible to communicate to “energy-vampires” how their energy impacts us. But sometimes we can’t. While negativity does exist around us, we can choose to BRING OUR OWN ENERGISING ENVIRONMENT. And sometimes it works wonders. It can potentially rub off and maybe make such negative environments more positive.

As Jon Gordon says,

Your positive energy and vision has to be greater than anyone else’s negativity; your certainty must be greater than anyone else’s doubts- because you will always find people doubting you and telling you that you cannot achieve that level of success. They are not riding their own bus but ruining everyone else’s ride too. That is how important positive energy is".

Step 2: Make it a habit

One day is not enough. Keeping feeding the positive dog in your mind and keep eliminating energy vampires from the bus. The more you do it, the stronger you will get. It’s like training your mind muscles to attract that positivity and be stronger while facing energy vampires. I’m sure you can agree with practising this because many times, positive muscle isn’t strong enough and is easily shaken by stronger negative energies.

Remember- Strengthening that muscle requires us to find value in ourselves. Who am I and what is my vision and purpose?

Creating rituals like writing a "gratitude diary" or “good task diary”- anything you did well in that day, like one good call or one good meeting or good cook in the day, could help fill your positive bucket. This inspires us to create successes tomorrow as well.

Step 3: Gratitude

Lastly, feed the positive dog through gratitude. I know it's corny but “thinking” about the situation as a “glass is half full,” seeing situations as a blessing, can be very useful to fuel our bus with positivity.

To conclude, keeping our eyes on our purpose helps create true excitement, focus and positive energy, making us less likely to be swayed by energy-draining environments and people.

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