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inspirational Leadership

Achieve your dreams by optimising your leadership potential How inspiring are you? 

The Inspirational Leadership Survey

The Inspirational leadership survey (ILS) is the only profiling tool in the world that captures the leadership style and the mindset of inspirational people.

The traits of an inspirational leader can be divided into two factors. Individual personal traits and interpersonal traits. Combined they characterise the inspirational personality.


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In the corporate world, it is evident the leadership style of our managers is a major factor that determines the quality and success of an organisation.

Athletes In The Zone (aitz) are world front-runners in leadership research. We were the first organisation to discover the traits of our inspirational leaders that frequent business and sport. Our knowledge has led us to develop a training programme which is designed for people who want to be inspiring leaders and possess the skills and abilities to unlock workforce potential and drive change.

How to score high on the ILS?


Our training programme will train and develop managers who wish to achieve their dreams and develop inspirational skills and behaviours.  Additionally, teach you how to inspire your workers and increase the performance capacity of your workforce. 

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