Be inspired. Be the best version of yourself. Become a world-class athlete or corporate professional. 

Athletes In the Zone are established from sports with 20 years of performance psychology evidence-based research. We cultivate peak state experiences that achieve optimal performance, productivity and happiness. We have successfully developed and built positive and growth mindsets through our holistic approach called Transpersonal Performance Psychology.




Our company is the centre of the revolutionary changes that psychology has bought to every aspect of people lives. Athletes In The Zone (aitz) is the centre of tomorrow's transformations. 

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Transpersonal Performance Psychology (TPP) focuses on the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and peoples subjective experiences. It also includes extraordinary human experiences, such as peak performance, peak experience and flow. 


Subjective experiences explored holistically

A person’s spiritual development is also in the TPP methodology. TPP recognises a spiritual person who displays insight and understanding; a sense of context and perspective; awareness of the interconnectedness; optimism; gratitude, gladness, humility; and love for others.



Our practitioners inspire people to be at their best and achieve high-performance outcomes. Our company develops high-performance cultures.

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Our company promise: AITZ will provide our clients with an inspirational learning environment that teaches them skills required for personal growth and high performance. AITZ takes each person through a journey of excellence by raising standards at all costs.

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Our promise: We will demonstrate an inspirational spirit and fun-loving attitude. Our services will uphold world-class standards and be client-centred. Each person is important to us, thus each will feel our support and love whilst making a difference. We will offer full commitment, you win or lose.